Delaware City is a part of New Castle County that has long been known for it’s production of fossil fuels but our new 2.5 acre field of solar panels means enormous savings for the city, with no negative impact on our environment. 

In June, state and local officials unveiled our 500kw/hr solar farm that aims to save Delaware City $1 million on utility bills over our 20 year contract with SolarCity. 1,900 solar panels were installed using the Solar Renewable Energy Credit, which meant no cost to Delaware City.  Through SolarCity, the town will buy energy for a discounted rate of $.05/kwh – Approximately half of current costs. 

Our solar farm equates to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 500 tons of carbon dioxide. This reduction is the equivalent of Delaware City taking 100 cars off of the road. 

The most amazing part is that this project produces 96% of the city’s current usage and with a little more tweaking of efficiency, it could be 100%. This is truly an amazing feat for our city.