For discerning home buyers who want a home they can cherish for years, Whittaker Builders – a custom home builder based in Delaware City, Del. – delivers timeless design, flexible space, innovative features and exceptional quality. With more than 30 years of experience, Kevin Whittaker and his team are recognized leaders in the Delaware home building industry. They’re skilled at delivering well-crafted home, at several price points, designed for practical, everyday living.  

What can you expect from your Whittaker home?

Flexibility: As more people continue to work from home, Whittaker Builders has found creative ways to make better use of residences for professional and personal uses. Whether it’s for a retiree who wants to work as a consultant but yet keep clients out of his personal space, or a young entrepreneurial couple who needs a small storefront retail shop with a second-floor living area, we can create flexible solutions that will meet all needs.

Eco-friendliness: Green construction is no longer an option. We are all responsible for resource conservation. You expect energy-saving features in your home. We’ve included greater energy-efficient technology across the board in all the homes we build. We stay current on the latest technologies because we are committed to providing you the very best value for your investment.

Innovation: You want to include in your home some of those visually appealing features without adding much to the cost of your home. We’re prepared to offer a vast array of features and amenities that fit your needs. Your home should feel modern, warm and individualistic. Let us show you how easy it can be.

Quality guarantee: From our first interaction, we want to simplify for you the task of building and owning a home. Our goal is to make rewarding your experience of owning a home of impeccable craftsmanship. We also back every home we build with an extensive guarantee, just to put your mind at ease.

Phone: 302.832.6805