Peas in a Pod
70A Clinton St.
Delaware City, DE 19706
Phone: 609-947-1751, 302-838-2979

“Gifts for new babies, new mommies, children, housewares, jewelry…just cute, fun and sweet little things from near and far- hand embroidered dresses, overalls, rompers, two piece sets from thailand, beautiful, intricate papooses and slings from burma- using unique, one of a kind tribal designs, amazing blankets and bags from the border regions of burma and india, all kinds of pottery, vases, urns and fish from mexico make up our “from far” collection. we also have all kinds of designed hats in every colour, pattern, size and type.

We welcome all members of the family: babies are welcome to stay and play, we have rugs and mats for plenty of tummly time, helping to crawl and walk and run. Toddlers are welcome to stay and play with our toys and games, starting them out to read books and put together our large alphabet mats, singing the ABCs. Kids are welcome to come and play our games, or with our dolls and stuffed animals, explore and play with markers and pens, paint or make some flowers or jewelry with our light up twist-and-glow.”