River Witch
62 Clinton St.
Delaware City DE 19706

Phone: 484-637-3263
Website: http://river-witch.webnode.com/

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Tarot Readings

I provide several classic layouts of Tarot card readings. During each reading, there is an in-depth discussion of the results as they relate to the client’s questions and concerns.

~$15.00 per reading or $10.00 if you live or work in Delaware City~

Custom Charms

Charms are small, attractive bags filled with elements from nature that are custom combined for any positive desired effect. They can also be created as guest favors for weddings and other special occasions.

~$12.00 each~

Home and other Space Cleansing

Through the use of spoken words, melodic bells, purifying herbs and sage smudging, your space will be cleansed of negative energy. Traditionally, home cleansing is done at transitional times such as the beginning of a new season, when moving into a new home or before bringing a new baby into the home. Cleansing can also be done to restore positive energy after any sad or frightening events. You might also choose to have your work space or other important areas cleansed.

~$20.00 per visit~